Gabor Baumgarten - About Me, © Lukas König

I am Gabor Baumgarten, a german freelance cinematographer with a deep interesting in creating emotional moving images. Based in Darmstadt near Frankfurt I've been working on commercial, narrative and music video projects for over 6 years now as a cinematographer.

Grown up in Berlin's city life, I've been studying "Motion Pictures" at the h_da Darmstadt for several years, whilst gaining professional film experience as an AC and lighting electrician alongside.

My personal ambition on every project is to create a connecting between the audience and the narrative with an expressive visual language. Honest communication and receptiveness to new approaches is key to innovative, touching moving images.

I do own some camera and lighting equipment too, which is available for rent within my projects.

Feel free to hit me up for collaborations, I am looking forward to it!